When Timing Is Everything…... Specify Caliber Electronics Inc.

The corporate objective of Caliber Electronics Inc. has been to supply world class piezoelectric quartz crystal devices to a global market place.  Founded in January 1994, Caliber has emerged as a leader in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of a comprehensive family of quartz crystal products, which are collectively called microprocessor crystals, crystal filters, clock oscillators, and ceramic resonators.

Caliber Electronics offers the broadest array of quartz crystal timing devices available for computers, computer peripherals, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace.  Today, Caliber Electronics' products are incorporated into the products of many Fortune 500 OEM's (original equipment manufacturers) around the world.

Quality / Reliability……A Cultural Change at Caliber Electronics Inc.
Caliber Electronics Inc. has formed a partnership with Quality/reliability that can never be destroyed.  It is an unwavering partnership that spans across the globe, reaching from our Far Eastern manufacturing sites to our advanced service and distribution center in California.  With this partnership, Caliber Electronics has built a protective barrier that guards the integrity of every product and service we provide.
Customer Service……Proactive Performance

One of Caliber Electronics' Cornerstones of Success, is EXCELLENCE!  To meet and exceed our customer service goals Caliber Electronics Inc. has instituted a multi-level, continuous training program for all employees.  At Caliber we pledge to continue to develop customer driven systems and software so that we can maintain and improve our high level of service as we, and our many customers, grow and expand.

Caliber Electronics Inc. continues to pioneer powerful new interactive systems to provide you with the latest information pertaining to quartz crystal products.  On our website ( you can request price and availability information, access a full on line catalog and provide feedback on products and services.  Utilization of these services can be done 24/7 (24 hours per day / 7 days per week).


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